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Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information summary

Freedom of Information summary

Freedom of Information summary

《188bet体育在线APP下载》自2005年1月起生效. 该法旨在通过提高程序和决策的透明度和公开性,帮助增加对公共当局的信心. FOI places two main responsibilities on the University:

Under the Act the University is obliged to produce a Publication Scheme and Guide to Information identifying 所有 the information that the University already publishes. The scheme includes information such as the University Committee structure, term dates, procedures etc. The University has adopted the Information Commissioner's model publication scheme (external link).

信息自由法使大学内外的每个人都有权访问大学持有的记录信息. 个人有权被告知大学是否持有信息,以及是否将信息传达给他们. The University has 20 working days in which to deal with the request.

It is important to 不e that FOI does 不 mean that 所有 information must be provided in response to a request, there are reasons including Data Protection, 保密和商业利益,可以免除提供的信息.

If you wish to request information from the University


如果您所需要的信息不在188bet亚洲体育在线APP的出版计划中,请以书面形式与大学联系. 为了帮助188bet亚洲体育在线APP管理您的请求,请确保您包含了您所需要的信息的描述以及188bet亚洲体育在线APP可以提供信息的地址, please send your request to:

Data Protection Officer
The University of 188bet注册
Compliance, Governance & 风险
c/o Northcote House
The Queen's Drive
EX4 4 qj
Or via email:

如果所披露的信息是一个数据集,并且是以电子格式要求的, 它必须以可重用的格式提供,这意味着它应该是机器可读的,并且是基于开放标准的格式, rather than a proprietary format. 188bet亚洲体育在线APP通常会以CSV(逗号分隔值)格式的电子表格形式提供这些数据集. 数据集公开后,将在大学网站上公布.

If the dataset is a relevant copyright work, it will be provided under the terms of a specified licence.

Further information is available on the Information Governance web页面.

《188bet体育在线APP下载》旨在通过透明度和公开性提高公众对公共当局的信心. The Act gives you a right of access to recorded information held by the University. 您有权被告知大学是否持有信息,以及是否将信息传达给您.

The University has 20 working days in which to deal with your request.

这并不意味着必须在响应请求时提供所有信息, there are reasons including Data Protection, 保密和商业利益,可以免除提供的信息. 如果是这种情况,大学将全面解释为什么信息被扣留,你有上诉的权利.

If you wish to request information from the University please visit our accessing information 页面.

Summary of FOI

《188bet体育在线APP下载》(FoIA)于2000年11月30日通过,并将全面生效, across the public sector, on 1 January 2005. The Act is enforced by the Information Commissioner, who oversees both Freedom of Information and Data Protection legislation. 该法案涵盖了该法案中定义的“公共机构”,包括高等教育机构. 该法案为公众获取公共当局持有的所有类型的“记录”信息创造了新的权利, sets out exemptions from that general right, and places a number of obligations on public authorities. 《188bet体育在线APP下载》的目的是在整个公共部门促进更大程度的开放和问责. 它通过赋予公共当局根据该法案的两项主要责任来实现这一目标:

  • The University was committed to producing a publication scheme, 哪一个是188bet亚洲体育在线APP所掌握的向公众提供的常规信息的指南, such as websites and prospectuses etc. Under the Act, “信息”包括机构内任何地方持有的所有信息,不必以特定文件或结构的形式存在.
  • 188bet亚洲体育在线APP必须处理个人请求并发布信息,除非188bet亚洲体育在线APP有理由因该法案的豁免而扣留信息.

Under the Data Protection Act, individuals already have the right to access information about themselves, held on computer, and in some paper files. Such requests for information are known as a 'subject access request’. For the University and other public bodies, 《188bet体育在线APP下载》将这些权利扩展到允许访问188bet亚洲体育在线APP持有的所有类型的信息, whether personal or non-personal.

该法案要求大学,作为一个公共机构,采用和维持一个 publication scheme. 出版计划是大学致力于出版的信息指南. 这样做的目的是主动提供大量的信息, without the need to respond to specific requests.

Any individual can make a request to the University for information. 提出请求的人不一定是该信息的主体. 如果个人是该信息的主体,则数据保护法保护数据主体的原则将优先于任何信息自由权利.

The Act gives applicants the following rights:

  • 被告知信息是否存在——即确认或否认的义务
  • To receive the information, and where possible in the manner requested, for example in paper or electronic format
  • To receive reasons for a decision to withhold information.

Anyone is able make a request for information, although the request must be made in writing, which includes emails and fax etc. 申请人必须包括姓名和地址(电子邮件地址是可以接受的),并提供所需信息的详细信息. Such requests must be dealt with within 20 working days.

该法案规定了获取大学所持有信息的一般权利,但有些信息可能被视为豁免信息,因此不必为响应个人请求而提供. There are 23 exemptions as follows:

s21. Information accessible to public by other means

s22. Information intended for future publication

s23. 由处理安全事务的机构提供的或与之有关的信息

s24. National security

s26. 国防

s27. International relations

s28. Relations within the United Kingdom

s29. The economy

s30. Investigations and proceedings conducted by public authorities

s31. Law enforcement

s32. Court records etc

s33. Audit functions

s34. Parliamentary privilege

s35. Formulation of Government policy etc.

s36. 妨碍公共事务的有效进行(由下议院或上议院持有的豁免信息)

s37. Communications with Her Majesty etc and honours

s38. Health and safety

s39. Environmental information

s40. Personal information

s41. Information provided in confidence

s42. Legal professional privilege

s43. Commercial interests 

s44. Prohibitions on disclosure

Read the full text of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Accessing information

The University has adopted the Model Publication Scheme published by the Information Commissioner's Office; our Publication Scheme page will help you to locate information from the University of 188bet注册 and help to ensure that your request is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.